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Panasonic Electronic Copy Boards

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Panasonic Electronic Copy Boards
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Panasonic Copy Boards & Panasonic Interactive Copy Boards

Panasonic Electronic Copy Boards are electronic printing dry erase boards. 
A welcome addition to the boardroom, -  they excel in presentations, eliminate note taking, and focus attention.  All Panaboards have on board printers - no computer hookup is necessary.

  For years Panasonic has been the leader in the area of Electronic Copy Boards with Quality & Reliability that are second to none.

Panaboard model UB-5315
Freedom Models Available in the US

Available Panaboards include the plain paper units UB-5315, UB-5815, KX-BP735 and KX-BP800.  As well a thermal paper model UB-5310 is available.  The new UB models have a USB port for direct PC hook-up. 
Panasonic Electronic Copy Board - Panaboard model KX-BP535
Models Available in Canada

Available Panaboards include the plain paper units KX-BP535, KX-BP635, KX-BP735, KX-BP800, and  UB-5315.  As well a thermal paper model KX-BP530 is available.  The new UB model has a USB port for direct PC hook-up. 
Panasonic Interactive Electronic Copy Board - Panaboard

Panasonic Interactive Copy Boards - model KX-BP800 are more than just electronic copy boards.  They are available in Canada & the US.  Hook them directly to a PC & LCD Projector for an interactive projected presentation, meeting or training session.  Image editing/creation/file saving is performed right from a projected menu bar on the Panaboard.   Using infrared & ultrasonic pens & erasers, images & notes can be modified, recalled & saved in color.  


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