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Series 2000 Vertical Slider

Series 2000 Vertical Slider
Product Name: Series 2000 Vertical Slider Dry Erase White Board
Description: Series 2000 Vertical Sliders consist of a fixed rear board with a sliding front board.  Interior counterweights allow smooth vertical movement of the front board.  Rigid aluminum framing is used to mount the boards, tracking & counterweight assembly.  The entire framing is wall/floor mounted with the fixed board usually mounted 2'6" - 2'9" from the floor.   A minimum ceiling height of 11' is required for these units.  
Application: Series 2000 Vertical Sliders are used when multiple boards are required but a limited space is available.
Board Type: Series 2000 Porcelain Magnetic.
Sizes: Series 2000 Vertical Sliders are available with 4' x 8' (height x width) or 4' x 6' boards.  Single Sliders (denoted by Series 2000 1VS) have a single track and one sliding board.  Dual Sliders (Series 2000 2VS) have a dual track and two sliding front boards. (Unit shown in picture is a Single slider 4' x 8' unit)
Accessories: Cardholder Magnets & other magnets may be used as well as other items such as sheet grippers & styrene sheet holders, as noted in Accessories.
Other Options: Series 2000 Vertical Sliders may be customized to unique scheduling or tracking boards centers.

The Series 2000 Vertical Slider is a high quality board system that is both professional & versatile.  It is particularly suited to classrooms and applications requiring a multiple board setup.

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