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Series 640 Display Units

Series 640  3' x 4' Display Case with Natural Corkboard Insert
Product Name: Series 640 Aluminum Framed  Single Door Display Case
Description: This unit consists of an anodized aluminum frame in satin finish with a lockable framed glass door on piano hinge mount.   The interior board insert is usually a natural cork tack board.   A hidden wall mounting system is used for professional appearance.  
Application: Standard applications include posting boards for notices & other information.  Other uses include custom designed boards when a dry erase white board is utilized as an interior insert.  (e.g. lockable Training Matrix board)  Also available for this unit is a Grooved felt board insert for use with push in white plastic letters as a professional Directory Board.
Board Type: Board inserts are available as Natural Cork Tack board, Fabric Covered Tack board, Dry Erase White board (Porcelain or Steel magnetic) or Grooved Felt for Letter Directory Boards
Sizes: 18x24  24x30  24x36  30x42  30x48  36x36  36x42  36x48  42x48  48x48  (all sizes in inches - specify length & width when ordering - board shown is a 36" high x 48" wide with Natural Cork Tack board insert) Custom sizes upon request
Accessories: Magnetic Accessories may be used when a Dry Erase White Board insert is used.  Other accessories include White Removable letters for use on Grooved Felt for Letter Directory Boards 
Other Options: Options include type of Board insert, glass or unbreakable Acrylic glass door,  Aluminum finishes available in Natural Satin & Black Anodized.  Units can be weatherproofed for mounting out doors.

The Series 640 Display Case is ideal when posted information is to be protected.  The wide variety of board inserts makes this unit applicable to a wide range of uses.

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