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Series 2000 Extended Length Series 2000 Horizontal Sliders
Series 2000 Vertical Sliders

Specialty Boards are considered when a larger than normal board is required or space limitations require overlapping boards.  All specialty boards are custom sized & designed to fit your particular need.

Series 2000 Extended Length Magnetic White Board

Series 2000 Extended Length Units are longer than the standard 8' length board. Steel Magnetic surface units are available up to 12' in length in a single panel design.  Porcelain magnetic surface units are available in any length/height configuration and are designed with splined 4'x 8' panels.  Series 2000 EL Boards excel in training rooms, boardrooms & classrooms.

Series 2000 Horizontal Slider Unit

Series 2000 Horizontal Slider Units make the most of available space by overlapping a rear fixed board with one or two front horizontal sliding boards.  These units are available up to 24' in length with front sliding boards any length up to 12'.  Excellent for training rooms or classrooms Horizontal Sliding units may be customized to unique scheduling or tracking boards centres.

Series 2000 Vertical Slider Unit

Series 2000 Vertical Slider Units are similar to Horizontal units except that a rear fixed board is overlapped with one or two vertical sliding boards.  Series 2000 Vertical Sliders are available with 4' x 8' (height x width) or 4' x 6' boards.  These units require a minimum of 11' ceiling clearance and are excellent for training rooms & classrooms.


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