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Sheet Grippers

Product Name: Sheet Gripper
Description: Sheet Grippers are C-channel Clear extruded PVC lengths that use a friction fit to hold.  Supplied complete with permanent foam adhesive.
Application: Sheet Grippers are an economical method used to mount sheets or other display items such as photos.  They are durable and grip securely - yet sheets are easily removed & replaced.    They can be "stacked"  together (1-2" above each other) to mount multiple sheets in an overlapping fan pattern.  Typically they are used on custom designed boards such as  Schedule boards, Engineering boards or any application requiring posted information
Sizes: Sheet Grippers are supplied in standard 6" lengths.  Custom lengths available upon request.
Other Options: For items requiring protection see Sheet Holders.





Sheet Grippers offer a professional, effective & economical method of sheet display. 

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