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Series 2000 Extended Length Boards

Series 2000 Extended Length Magnetic White Board
Product Name: Series 2000 Extended Length (EL) Dry Erase White Board
Description: Series 2000 EL boards are identical in appearance to Series 2000 Porcelain Magnetic Boards but are longer than 12' in length and/or 4' in height - they are fabricated by splining 1/2" laminated panels together (similar to tongue & groove).  A single piece top & single piece bottom aluminum tracking retains the panels.  Vertical panel joints are visible as hairline cracks.   Boards are supplied complete with marker ledges.
Application: Series 2000 EL Boards are typically used in applications which require a board longer than 12' and/or greater than 4' in height such as teaching or training rooms.  
Board Type: Boards are Series 2000 Porcelain Magnetic.
Sizes: Series 2000 EL Boards are available in sizes up to 8' high by any length.

All Series 2000 EL Boards over 12' in length and/or 4' in height have panel joints and are fabricated from porcelain panels up to 5'x 12' in size.
Accessories: Cardholder Magnets & other magnets may be used as well as other items such as sheet grippers & styrene sheet holders, as noted in Accessories.
Other Options: Series 2000 EL Boards may be customized to unique scheduling or tracking boards.

Series 2000 EL Boards excel in training rooms, board rooms & classrooms.  Splined panels allow boards to be 6' or even 8' high by any length - enabling an entire wall to be converted to white board.

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