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Series 555 Mobile Boards

Series 555 Mobile White Board
Product Name: Series 555 Mobile Dry Erase  White Board
Description: This Unit is comprised of an Aluminum Framed Double sided Magnetic Dry Erase White Board mounted on an Epoxy Coated welded steel frame.   Complete with Board rotating handles (allow the board to be spun to reveal the opposite side), ball casters & full length marker ledge.
Application: Moderate duty use - anywhere a mobile board or double sided board is required
Board Type: Series 2000 Porcelain Magnetic - single or double sided, or any type of single sided tack board
Sizes: (Board height x width)3'x 4'   4'x 4'   4'x 5'   4'x 6'   4'x 8' -  Custom Sizes also available (4'x 6' shown in picture)
Accessories: This unit accepts all magnetic accessories
Other Options: Custom options include single sided boards, black/green magnetic chalkboards, double sided Pegboards for mobile tool stations - customized boards & more

The Series 555 Mobile Board is an excellent quality mobile unit with a variety of uses - The board can be customized for Production tracking, Plant Layouts, and more.  These units are ideal for mounting blue prints with magnets.   The unit is particularly suited to offices, boardrooms & classrooms where wall space is limited or a moveable board is required.

More Photos
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Custom Series 555 Magnetic White Board
Series 555 Mobile Tool Station
Custom 4'x 8' Series 555 Mobile Dry Erase Board

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