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Engineering Boards

Product Engineering Board
Product Name: Engineering Tracking Boards
Description: Engineering Boards are designed to track items specific to Product & Manufacturing Engineering.  Typically these boards may track New Product development status, Engineering Project Planning & Status, Engineering Product testing & evaluation etc.  They are used where information needs to be communicated and updated on a regular basis.
Application: Engineering applications.
Board Type: Series 2000 Porcelain Magnetic
Sizes: 18x24  24x36  36x48  48x48  48x72 48x96  48x120  48x144  (sizes in inches height x width -  portrait & landscape options available)- All Standard sizes + Custom sizes. (Board shown is a 48x36 Series 2000 Porcelain Magnetic with cardholder & button magnets)  
Accessories: Cardholder Magnets & other magnets (on magnetic boards).  Also other items such as sheet grippers, styrene sheet holders, as noted in Accessories.
Other Options: Boards may be protected by using Series 600, Series 640  or Series 670 Display Cases.  Mobile Boards may be produced with Series 555 Mobile Boards



Engineering boards are ideal for tracking & displaying project status or new product launches.  The boards are all  custom designed to suit a specific need.   Boards may be as simple as a gridded board that a customer sets up with cardholder magnets or as complex as a completely custom gridded column & row lettered board.  Professional designs and appearance can be produced with items such as cardholder magnets and display cases.  Engineering boards may also be designed as Mobile Units.  

More Photos
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Engineering Project Tracking Board
Engineering Changes Review Dry Erase Board
Multiple Board Engineering Project Planner

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