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Hospital Boards

Product Name: Patient Tracking Board
Description: Patient Tracking Boards list information by room number and are custom designed with the appropriate required columns for specific information. 
Application: Patient Tracking boards are typically used on hospital floors for patient information.
Board Type: Series 2000 Porcelain Magnetic.  Boards are supplied with hidden mount L-Brackets.
Sizes: Patient Tracking boards are typically (width x height) 36"x48"  42"x48"  or 48"x48"  although any standard board size may be used.   Custom sizes also available.
Accessories: Patient Tracking boards are typically supplied with an eraser/retaining cord combination and bottom marker ledge.  Magnetic accessories may also be used.
Other Options: Patient Tracking boards are designed for extreme duty use.   These extreme use gridded boards have a specialty grid designed for heavy use - items such as Room #'s may be designed as magnets that are easily changed or moved.   Board grid lines are guaranteed not to fall off.

Patient tracking boards are custom designed professional & highly effective information centers that improve communication & organization on your hospital floor.  

More Photos (click to enlarge)

Emergency Department Patient Tracking Board
5th Floor Patient Tracking Marker Board
Intensive Care Patient / Personnel Tracking Board
Hospital Personnel Board
Hospital Coronary Care Unit Patient Tracking Marker Board

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