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Panasonic Electronic Copy Boards - Canadian Models

Plain Paper Panaboard Model KX-BP535
Panasonic Electronic Copy Board - Panaboard

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Info for the KX-BP Model Panaboards 
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New UB Model Panaboard
Info for the New UB Model Panaboards (only UB-5315 available in Canada)
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Product Name: Panasonic Electronic Copy White Board - Panaboard
Description: Panasonic Panaboards have a  white Mylar Belt that acts as dry erase surface.  Pressing the print button causes the belt to rotate 180 degrees.  A rear mounted scanner images the written information and transfers it to the printer included and mounted below the board.  The Mylar belt is a continuous strip and gives the panaboard a front & back screen set (either screen may be rotated to board front).   Panaboards may be wall mounted or supplied with mobile stands.  
Application: Panasonic Panaboards are typically used in boardrooms to enhance meetings or presentations and eliminate note taking.  A PC interface (optional on KX-BP models) allows the information to be saved as a PC file -for later retrieval, print out, or e-mailing.  Panaboards may be customized for use as production schedules. When used on shop floors production numbers written in can be printed out or optionally sent to a PC with the touch of a button. 
Board Type: Panasonic Electronic Copy White Boards have a continuous rotating mylar belt that has faint grid lines to aid in writing.
Sizes & Models: Panasonic Panaboards are available in Several sizes & models listed below: (writing surface sizes H x W in inches) 


1. KX-BP535  (35.4x55.1)
2. KX-BP635  (35.4x69.4)
3. KX-BP735  (35.4x55.1)
4. KX-BP800  (35.4x55.1)

. UB-5315     (35.4x50.2)

Note:  Model 735 Has a dual Length belt resulting in a 4 screen unit.  Model shown in picture is a KX-BP535 with mobile stand.

For Information on the KX-BP800 Panaboard please see our section on Interactive Copy boards

The New UB Model Panaboard has a built in USB interface port for direct pc hookup.  UB-5315 Panaboard is supplied with a wall mount kit, CD rom interface software, markers & thermal print film. 

Accessories: All Panasonic Panaboards are supplied with a 3 color marker/eraser set & starter print film.   Other accessories available include:

KX-B063 Wall Mount Kit (KX-BP Models)
KX-B061 Mobile Stand (KX-BP Models)
UE-608005 Mobile Stand (UB Model)
KX-B081 Film Refill Kit (2 rolls/pack-yield
   300 pages/roll for KX-BP models only) or 
   UG-6001 Film Refill Kit (for UB Model 

PC Connection Accessories:
KX-B095 Interface Kit (KX-BP models only)

KX-BP Plain Paper Panaboard Models
(shown without stand)
Panasonic Panaboard Models KX-BP535,  KX-BP635,  KX-BP735
New UB-5315 Plain Paper Panaboard Model (with stand)
Panasonic Panaboard UB-5315
Why Consider a Panasonic Panaboard from White Boards Are Us ?

We specialize in Dry Erase Boards - It's all we do !!
Panasonic Copy Board Quality & Reliability - Second to no other brands
Available 2 year warranty - Industry best
Most Popular Electronic Copy Board Brand
Ease of use - no external computer or printer necessary
Range of models available to fit any need
Copy maps & blueprints by taping them to the board
(except 735)
Print multiple copies
Print both panels to a single sheet of paper
(except 735)
Contrast button for darker prints
Hook directly
to a PC (requires PC Interface for KX-BP Models)

Canadian Pricing
Board Pricing with Warranty
KX-BP535 $ 1985 $ 2087 $ 2242
KX-BP635 $ 2435 $ 2537 $ 2692
KX-BP735 $ 2950 $ 3052 $ 3207
KX-BP800 $ 2825 $ 2952 $ 3177
UB-5315 $ 2050 $ 2152 $ 2299
Available Accessories
KX-B061 Mobile Stand(all KX-BP but 800) $ 265
KX-BP065 Mobile Stand (KX-BP800 only) $ 265
KX-B063 Wall Mounting Kit $ 100
KX-BP081 Film Refill Kit - 2 rolls $ 102
KX-BP082 Film Refill roll & cassette $   95
KX-BP095 Plain Paper PC Interface Kit $ 425
UB608005 Stand for UB-5315 $ 265
UG6001 Film Refill Kit -2 rolls for UB5315 $   92
                                   ------------Above Pricing in CDN Funds------------
Shipping Costs are dependant on location - ALL Canadian Panaboards are shipped
   from Mississauga, Ontario regardless of dealer (shipping costs range from $35 - $120)
Please Contact Us for shipping on multiple board orders
Accessories Shipped Free with Panaboard Purchase
For Items not listed above, or items for earlier panaboards please Contact Us
For more Information on KX-BP800 see our section on Interactive Copy boards
** For Shipping / warranty information for isolated areas please contact us. 
                                           Prices subject to change without notice

Panaboards are second to none for Quality & Reliability.

We're here to help you choose the right Electronic copy board ! 

For more information or to Place an order - please send us an email or Call Us.Contact Us


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