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Cardholder Magnets

Magnetic Card Holders
Product Name: Cardholder Magnet
Description: Cardholder Magnets are C-channel Extruded Flexible Magnets that are cut to any required lengths based upon application.  Cardholders 1.25" high & larger are plastic cardholder C-channel complete with magnetic strip backing.  
Application: Cardholder Magnets are versatile accessories that add a professional appearance on magnetic Series 40 and Series 2000 Porcelain Boards.  Cardholder magnets can be used anywhere on a board where you would write in.   Typically used on custom boards in areas for Names and Skills on a Training Matrix board (used both in horizontal & vertical format) or Part Numbers on an Engineering Board.     Inserts are easily printed on plain paper using a standard printer (see accessories below).   Cardholder magnets are excellent as Column & Row headings on a grid only board that is customized as needed.   Also they make excellent magnetic labels holders for inventory or part racks.  In soiled shop areas cardholder inserts can be laminated for ease of cleaning.
Sizes: Cardholder Magnets are available in five height sizes  1/2"   1"   1.25"   2"  and 3.5"   They are cut to any length depending upon requirements.
Accessories: Cardholder Magnets are supplied complete with a word processing template disk that contains a multi- celled table with cell sizes that correspond to the required magnets.  Simply type the information (single or multi-line) into the cells, print out the table and cut along the lines surrounding the cells to make perfect inserts.   Templates may be printed for use in horizontal Cardholders (shown) or vertical cardholders.
Other Options: Cardholder Magnets are available in a variety of colors - silver, gold, tan, yellow, orange, red, light green, medium green, dark green, light blue, navy blue, violet, black and natural brown.

Cardholder magnets are supplied in any length required and are extremely versatile and professional accessories.

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Cardholder & Button Magnets
Cardholder & Button Magnets
Cardholder Magnet Report Label

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