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Series 680 Display Units

Series 680 Glass Shelf Display Case
Product Name: Series 680 Display Case
Description: Laminated Wood Finish Display case with standard 12" Depth, 2 glass shelves, sliding lockable glass doors and an interior Natural Cork tack board backboard
Application: This Display Case is typically used for protecting trophies, artwork etc.  The interior backboard is fabricated from natural cork and may be used as a tack board.  Typically wall mounted this case is supplied with L-Brackets for professional secure mounting.
Board Type: Interior Backboard Natural Cork
Sizes: 36x48  42x48  48x48  48x60  48x72  48x84  48x96  (all sizes in inches height x width - board shown is a Custom 60" high x 32" wide floor mount model)  Custom sizes upon request
Accessories: Magnetic accessories may be used if interior backboard is Dry Erase Steel or Porcelain magnetic
Other Options: Wood finishes available in simulated oak & walnut - other  & custom finishes upon request.  Extra shelves available.   Interior Backboard available as Fabric covered tack board or Dry Erase Steel or Porcelain magnetic board if desired.  A 16" cabinet depth is available.

The Series 680 is a High Quality Display case for mounting any items such as manufactured product, or fragile items.  This case is suited for areas where a professional display is required.   Glass doors have depressed thumb slots and roll smoothly on guided tracking.  

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Series 680 Display Case

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