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Display Units are used to show and protect notices, information or products.      Four main types of Display Units are listed below several of which can be customized to provide professional information centers.

Series 600 Display Board

Series 600 Display Boards are a cost effective means of displaying posted notices in a professional manner.  These units are used where information needs to be protected but not locked.

Series 640 Display Case

Series 640 Display Cases Are the next step up from Series 600 and are Lockable Aluminum Framed Single Door Units.  These units are available with interior cork board, dry erase white board, or fabric tack board inserts and are available weatherproofed for exterior use.

Series 670 Dual Sliding Glass Door Display Case

Series 670 Display Cases are available in larger sizes than the Series 640 and have two Lockable sliding glass doors.  Similar to the series 640 units these are available with various board inserts for any application.

Series 680 Display Case

Series 680 Display Units are wood framed Melamine Display cabinets complete with adjustable glass shelves.  They  offer a professional means of displaying large items such as trophies or manufactured products and are available in a variety of wood finishes. 

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